Thank you for visiting all4Sloans.com where you can find out about the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood and more. We are here for anything from events in the neighborhood, local businesses, real estate, and other information about Sloans Lake.

My name is AJ Steinke and I have been living in the neighborhood Since 2002. The proximity to downtown Denver makes the large park an oasis providing some relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. The lake provides about a 3-mile loop around the lake, boating, and many other amenities which I still use frequently.

What makes Sloan’s Lake different than any other park is its location west of the city with absolutely the best views of the mountains and skyline while gazing over the lake. I believe the ability to access neighboring areas by walking or bicycling to some of the best restaurants nearby adds to this area’s own identity. It is only getting better year by year. As I watch my kids they love paddle boarding and the playgrounds.

As a Sloan’s Lake citizen, I am always curious to know more about local businesses, organizations, and our community. This site was created by my curiosity to get to know everything about Sloan’s Lake and share it with others who may find the information helpful.



“Creating Synergy and Building Community by Supporting Each Other”