Sloan’s Bulletin

“The 1940s was Denver’s ninth full decade as a city and its second busiest from a home-building perspective. From 1940 to 1949, over 16,000 single-family detached homes were built in Denver. While few homes were built during the first half of the decade due to World War II, the second half of the decade represented a time when pent-up demand for housing from the previous fifteen years was relieved through wide-scale construction of new subdivisions in every direction on the city’s perimeter. Thousands of returning veterans took advantage of low-interest, zero-down GI Bill mortgages to fuel Denver’s home-building spree. With the war over, the baby boom underway, and a strong economy, Denver’s population increased by over 90,000 during the 1940s, from 322,412 to 415,786, a 29% increase.

In Northwest Denver, a big chunk of the Chaffee Park neighborhood was built out in the 1940s with substantial development occurring in Sunnyside, West Highland, and Sloans Lake. West and Southwest Denver continued its strong growth from the 1930s as numerous neighborhoods, like Villa Park, Valverde, Athmar Park, Westwood, Harvey Park, and College View/South Platte, expanded.

East of the Platte, the North Park Hill, Montclair, East Colfax, Hale, and Hilltop neighborhoods exploded with growth. Even long-established neighborhoods like Elyria-Swansea, Clayton, and Skyland, witnessed substantial home-building. To the southeast, Belcaro, Cory-Merrill, University, University Park, and Rosedale also grew steadily. Overall, a ring of new and expanding neighborhoods surrounded Denver’s pre-War development by the end of the decade.” (By Denver Urbanism and Denver Infill) 


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